United Kingdom Water Treatment Association

Membership List

Acoline SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.acolinesofteners.co.uk

Advanced Water Softeners LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners www.advancedwatersofteners.co.uk

Aqua SensationSupplier/Installer of Water Softeners, Drinking Water Filters and Salt Suppliers 

Aquamatic Products LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.aquamatic.co.uk

Avro Systems Limited t/a UK Water ServicesSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.ukwater.net

Banbury Water Softeners LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.banburywatersofteners.co.uk

Basingstoke SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners www.basingstokewatersofteners.co.uk

Bath and West Water SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.bathandwestwatersofteners.co.uk

BWT UK LimitedManufacturer/Distributor - Water Softeners www.bwt-uk.co.uk

Calmag Water softeners chemicals water filters UV units scale inhibitors reverse osmosis units on both domestic and commercial sizes. www.calmagltd.com

Capital SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.capitalsofteners.co.uk

Clearwater Softeners LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.clearwatersofteners.co.uk

Compass Water Softeners LimitedWater Softeners and General Plumbing, Salt, Sales, Service, Filters, Installation www.compasswatersofteners.co.uk

Cotswold Water Softeners LtdSupplier/installer of softeners and drinking water filters www.cotswoldwatersofteners.com

Ecowater Systems a trading division of the Marmon Group LtdManufacturer/Distributor - Water Softeners www.ecowater.co.uk

Fast Systems LtdSupplier/Distributor - Water Conditioners www.scalewatcher.co.uk

Harvey Softeners LtdManufacturer/distributor - Softeners www.harveywatersofteners.co.uk

JM Softeners LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.jmsofteners.com

Kemsing Water SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.kemsingsofteners.co.uk

Kennet Water Components LtdWater softeners, drinking water filters, reverse osmosis and private water supplies www.kennetwater.co.uk

Kinetico UK LimitedManufacturer/Distributor - Water Softeners www.kinetico.co.uk

Lakeside Water & Building Services LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.lakesidewater.co.uk

Lettergold Plastics LtdManufacturer of private label domestic water treatment chemicals www.lettergold.co.uk

M A Technical Services LtdInstaller of water softeners, RO Plants and Filtration matechnical.co.uk

Monarch Water LtdWater Softener Manufacturer www.monarchwater.co.uk

On-Tap (South West) LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners www.on-tap.co.uk

Phoenix water services LtdSupplier and installer of water softeners and associated water treatment products  www.phoenixwater.co.uk

Pure Choice LtdSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.purechoice.co.uk

Pureflow Water Systems LimitedSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.pureflow-watersystems.co.uk

Quality Water SystemsSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.qualityh2o.co.uk

Shades GroupSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters 

SilkflowSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.silkflow.co.uk

SilkstreamSupplier/Installer - Softeners Filters & Treatment www.silkstream.co.uk

Simply Soft Water SoftenersDealer of Softeners and Drinking Water Filters www.simply-soft.co.uk

Soft OptionsSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.soft-options.net

Soft Water Supplies LimitedSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.twintecsouthcoast.co.uk

Softflow SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.softflowsofteners.co.uk

Softwater ServicesSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.softwaterservices.co.uk

Southern SoftflowSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.southernsoftflow.co.uk

Sterling SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.sterlingsofteners.co.uk

Thames Valley SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.thamesvalleysofteners.co.uk

The London Water Company LimitedSupplier/Installer of water softeners and drinking water systems and salt supplier www.londonwater.net

Total Soft Water Dealer/Installer - Softeners, Filters and RO (Membrane) units www.totalsoftwater.com

UK Water SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.uk-water-softeners.co.uk

VexoWater Treatment and Side Stream Filtration www.vexoint.com

WaterwaysSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.waterways.ltd.uk

Weald Water SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners & Drinking Water Filters www.wealdwatersofteners.co.uk

Winchester Water SoftenersSupplier/Installer - Softeners, Drinking Water Filters and Salt www.winchesterwatertreatment.co.uk

Wycombe WaterManufacturer/Distributor/Supplier - Softeners www.wycombewater.co.uk